Bob’s Burgers (2011)

Bob’s Burgers (2011) Tv Series Cast, Story And Reviews

“Bob’s Burgers” is an American animated sitcom that premiered in 2011 on Fox. The show follows the Belcher family, who run a struggling burger restaurant in a seaside town. The series has gained a loyal fan following for its quirky humor and relatable characters.

Cast and Characters

“Bob’s Burgers” features a talented voice cast, with H. Jon Benjamin in the lead role as Bob Belcher, the patriarch of the family. Other main cast members include:

  • John Roberts as Linda Belcher, Bob’s loving and quirky wife
  • Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher, the eldest daughter who is socially awkward and obsessed with boys
  • Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher, the middle child who loves music and making fart noises
  • Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher, the youngest child who is sassy and prone to mischief


“Bob’s Burgers” follows the daily struggles of the Belcher family as they try to keep their restaurant afloat while dealing with eccentric customers and personal challenges. The series combines humor with heart, and the characters’ relationships with each other are a central theme.

Throughout the series, the Belchers face various obstacles, such as health inspections, competition from rival businesses, and personal crises. However, their love and support for each other ultimately help them overcome these challenges.

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“Bob’s Burgers” has received critical acclaim and has a dedicated fan base. The show has been praised for its unique humor, relatable characters, and clever writing. The voice cast’s performances have also been commended for bringing the characters to life.

The show has won several awards, including two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program. Fans appreciate the show’s emphasis on family, acceptance, and the power of love and friendship.

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