Barry (2018)

Barry (2018) Tv Series Cast, Story And Reviews

Are you a fan of dark comedy with a tinge of action and suspense? Look no further than “Barry,” the HBO series that has taken the entertainment world by storm since its release in 2018. Created by Bill Hader and Alec Berg, “Barry” stars Hader in the titular role and follows his character’s journey as a hitman-turned-aspiring-actor.

Cast and Characters

“Barry” boasts a talented ensemble cast, with each actor bringing their unique style to their respective characters. Bill Hader plays the titular character, Barry Berkman, a former marine-turned-hitman who is struggling to find meaning in his life. Hader’s portrayal of Barry is both humorous and emotionally compelling, as he navigates the complexities of his dual identity.

Other notable cast members include:

  • Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau, Barry’s acting coach and mentor
  • Stephen Root as Monroe Fuches, Barry’s handler and the person responsible for assigning him his hits
  • Sarah Goldberg as Sally Reed, an aspiring actress and Barry’s love interest
  • Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank, a Chechen gangster who becomes an unexpected ally to Barry


The show’s premise is centered around Barry Berkman, a hitman from the Midwest who travels to Los Angeles on a job. While on the job, Barry stumbles into an acting class taught by Gene Cousineau, a former actor-turned-coach who takes a liking to him. As Barry becomes increasingly involved in the class, he starts to question his career as a hitman and develops an interest in pursuing acting.

Throughout the show, Barry must navigate the intricacies of his double life, balancing his obligations to Fuches and the Chechen mob with his desire to become an actor. Along the way, he becomes involved in a number of dangerous situations and must use his skills as a hitman to protect himself and those around him.

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“Barry” has received widespread critical acclaim since its debut, with many praising its unique blend of dark comedy and action. The show has been lauded for its strong performances, particularly from Hader and Winkler, as well as its intricate storyline and well-developed characters.

In addition to critical acclaim, “Barry” has also been a commercial success, with the show receiving multiple Emmy Awards and nominations. The show has also amassed a dedicated fanbase, who eagerly await each new episode and season.

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